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Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

The high incident of nursing home abuse has existed because reporting nursing home abuse has not been enforced within homes or residents did not feel they could out of fear, embarrassment, or physical incapacity. Reporting nursing home abuse is very important in beginning to amend the problem of nursing home abuse by putting a stop to the perpetrators, administrators, and employees that overlook the vast problem that is harming and killing so many of our loved ones. It has become increasingly more important for families to thoroughly research nursing home facilities to look for signs of abusive or neglectful tendencies so that in the event that abuse is suspected reporting nursing home abuse will be carried out.

Reporting nursing home abuse is especially important because it can prevent any more instances of abuse to other resident from occurring. It has been shown that employees fail reporting nursing home abuse the majority of the time even though certain events are legally required. A lot of the blame of nursing home abuse has been placed on undervalued, underpaid, and under trained employees that are expected to care for loved ones. The high turnover employees fear reporting nursing home abuse because of consequences that can occur, however reports show that even employees that have been charged with multiple instances of nursing home abuse continue to be employed and fail to receive punishment.

More emphasis should be placed on reporting nursing home abuse and enforcing punishment upon those perpetrators of the terrible abuse.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse, contact a lawyer to learn your legal rights on reporting nusing home abuse!

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Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

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