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Pictures of Decubitus Ulcers

Pictures of decubitus ulcers illustrate the painful and sometimes dangerous state that the sores can cause. A wide range of pictures of decubitus ulcers show the range in severity that a nursing home resident can suffer. In instances where decubitus ulcers progress to severe stages, pictures of decubitus ulcers show the painful loss of the skin, tissue, damaged muscles, bone, or supporting structures that appear as a hole in a person's body.

In early stages of decubitus ulcers, pictures of decubitus ulcers will show how the skin will begin to redden and become worn. It is easier to treat decubitus ulcers at the early stages of development, as pictures of decubitus ulcers will show because the injury has only been classified as a skin lesion. It is when the decubitus ulcers progress and affect not just the skin that life-threatening instances of sepsis, a blood infection, can result. The media attention focused on the problems this nation is facing due to widespread nursing home abuse instances depicts only some of the resident's suffering with pictures of decubitus ulcers.

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