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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers               

Nursing Home Abuse – A Sad Reality

Making the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home can be very difficult. It can take months or even years to make the decision and to pick the nursing home we believe is best. Once we make the decision, we put our complete trust in the staff and hope that they will provide our loved one with the care he or she needs to achieve the highest quality of life.

But, the sad reality is sometimes this care falls short. As family members, it is our duty to watch for signs of neglect or abuse and to protect our loved ones should we suspect they are being mistreated. Nursing home abuse can be the result of many different factors, including lack of training, understaffed facilities, and lack of management. But, no matter what the reason, mistreatment should never occur and it is up to us to make sure any wrongdoing is exposed.

What are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

The most important thing you can do is watch for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, which can include:

  • Signs of malnutrition, including sudden weight loss, confusions, dehydration
  • Signs of unsanitary conditions, including dirty bed sheets, soiled clothes, dirty hair, smells of urine
  • Signs of physical abuse, including unexplained bruises or broken bones
  • Signs of neglect, including untreated bed sores or infections
  • Changes in behavior such as refusal to have visitors, acting withdrawn or scared to talk or acting heavily medicated
  • Staff refusing your loved one to be alone with visitors or cutting visitor time short

If you suspect that something is wrong, you should pay attention to your gut and ask your loved one. Keep in mind that if your loved one says no, he or she could be scared or feeling the guilt of burdening you with his or her problems. Or, in many cases, he or she may not even be able to communicate with you because of dementia and other problems.

Help for Those Who Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Even if your loved one tells you everything is fine, if you continue to feel that he or she is in danger of any type, you should contact an attorney who can investigate the matter further. It is your job to protect your loved one and to make sure he or she is being properly cared for. To learn more about the types of nursing home abuse and their signs, please browse our site. To schedule a free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer, please contact us today.