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Nursing Home Abuse Laws

The laws on nursing home abuse have allowed repeat offenders to be re-staffed, continuing the cycle of abuse. The problems with reported instances of abuse is that laws on nursing home abuse were not responded to be law enforcement. Therefore, many families had to rely on the actual nursing home facility implementing changes and abiding by the laws on nursing home abuse on their own accord.

Facilities are unable to adequately staff the nursing homes so complaints and laws on nursing home abuse end up being overlooked. Proposals for new laws on nursing home abuse will be for overlap in responsibility over nursing homes to exist so that not just one group will have to carry sole responsibility for ensuring nursing homes provide an expected level of care. Staffing issues as a whole are largely attributed to the vast problems of nursing home abuse, so until laws on nursing home abuse change in the area, it will be difficult to stop instances of nursing home abuse from occurring. In addition to creating laws on nursing home abuse to require and enforce that background checks on any employees be performed, in addition to eliminating repeat offenders and punishing inappropriate staff, family members, communities, and lawmakers must continue to change the way our nation cares for our elders.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn your legal rights!