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Nursing Home Abuse Settlements

Nursing home abuse settlements are reached when victims of nursing home abuse, or their families, file a nursing home abuse lawsuit to recover damages sustained. The number of nursing home abuse settlements reached has drastically increased due to the discovery that nursing home abuse is a nationwide problem that is now posing serious concerns as to how to fix them. Families were astounded when loved ones died or experienced serious injury while entrusting the well being of the resident to that nursing home.

The reason for the seemingly sudden increase in nursing home abuse settlements can be understood by statistics alone. At least a third of all nursing homes across the nation have occurrences of nursing home abuse, not taking into account the vast underreporting. Nursing homes have had financial difficulties that they have been quick to blame strict government regulations, greed amongst trial lawyers pursing high nursing home settlements, in addition to high liability insurance costs for putting nursing home providers out of business. The decreasing number of nursing home abuse settlements to come in the future will hopefully signify a decrease in nursing home abuse suffered, however nursing home abuse settlements continue to be on the rise.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn your legal rights!